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Standard pharmacy software features should include:

  • User friendly input and recall of patient, drug and prescription information
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance (including DEA reporting, FDA required MedGuides)
  • Full prescription management
  • Complete third-party claims submissions including adjudication (V5.1, etc)
  • Failsafe features for safety and accuracy
  • On-line reconciliations
  • Drug-file updates
  • Tailored labels
  • A/R management
  • Inventory management
  • Electronic wholesaler ordering
  • Bar code scanning
  • Signature capture
  • E Prescribing
  • Auto Dr fax
  • Complete and accurate drug interaction and other databases
  • Interfaces for POS, IVR, Automatic Dispensing Systems, reconciliation systems and other important third party products and services
  • And much more

Ultimately, the right software will allow you make better business decisions and give you an edge in the market. A representative financial model (see Business Case) will help you evaluate the financial impact of pharmacy management software on your business.

Additional software features can include:

  • Workflow management
  • Hand held integration for deliveries
  • Claim resubmission profit maximization programs
  • Pill imaging
  • POS integration
  • And much more

Having the right software will allow you to deliver the highest level patient care while maximizing your profits and allow you to spend more time generating new business.